Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense

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Join Empire Rush: Rome Wars...Epic Castle Defense!
Enjoy one of the best conquest games! Fight the fiercest battles with strategy. Take part in a rush wars to rise the great empire of the age. ROME!
BUILD YOUR EMPIRE! If you love Tower Defense (TD), Conquest games and Collectible Cards, Empire Rush: Rome Wars merge these features and leads you on a journey filled with epic battles to conquer the world!
CRUSH THE HORDE! Rome is the most powerful empire of the age, and grows by the power of Caesar and his warriors, but now it is begin to be under siege by barbarian hordes to demise Caesar. DEFEND THE EMPIRE!
Join Empire Rush: Rome Wars! JOIN THE BATTLE! ⚔️
✓ROME WARS! Ancient warriors, praetorian guards, elite archer, roman legion and imperial army vs. barbarian hordes.
✓TIME KILLER! Rule your Empire all day!



✓WAR GAME! Enjoy this Tower Defense RPG, FREE Strategy title.
✓GROW FAST! Conquest game with many upgrades to develop in your castle.
✓DEFENSIVE CASTLE! Improve your defense and protect your castle from the HORDES!
✓EPIC BATTLES! Fight against your enemies and defeat the Boss!
✓DAILY REWARDS! Claim your missions! Farm gems across the conquest!!
✓COLLECT CARDS! Merge units to defend and find the best strategy to cast your cards!